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How did we increase website traffic by 65% thanks to SEO?


google analytics traffic

One of our clients is a professional clinic specializing in aesthetic medicine. Before we started cooperation, the brand’s website already had a history in the search results, but it was not satisfactory to its owners. Previously, no effective SEO activities were carried out on the site, which resulted in low visibility and did not allow the website to achieve its full potential. So we got to work and carried out the audit of the portal to detect possible problems and plan the strategy of operation related to SEO.

On-site and off-site activities

A detailed analysis by our specialists showed that the site had a problem with a poor link profile and needed proper search engine optimization. Our priority was conducting off-site tasks related to the link profile – toxic backlinks of poor quality could threaten the site, lowering its value in the eyes of the search engine. To deal with this situation, we took care of cleaning the link profile by:

– reporting poor quality links by the Google Disavow tool,

– manual removal of links that may have harmed the website.

Then we could move on to on-site activities, based on the optimization of the site. In this case, in the first instance, we decided with the client for which keywords the page should be optimized. We took into account the suggestions of the client and also presented our suggestions based on the visibility of the site. This way a list of optimal phrases was created, for which the website could be optimized. That was the moment when the proper page optimization started.

Our specialists performed activities to improve the structure of the site and to adapt its content to the requirements of the search engine. The most important of them were:

– creating a sitemap and a robots.txt file, which made it easier for the search bot to navigate the site,

– matching the meta-tags to the keywords set,

– optimization of URLs for website subpages and setting 301 redirects to their new, improved equivalents,

– page speed optimization,

– arranging internal linking on the page,

– optimization of hx heading tags,

– filling in the empty alternative texts by the graphics,

– optimization of content on the site, including its extension, editing and adding keywords chosen for the site.

We also focused on the development of the industry blog, where content marketing articles regularly appeared – their task was to strengthen the phrases for which the page was optimized, through internal linking.

We also completed activities related to link building with dedicated high-quality thematic PBNs, buzz marketing on online forums thematically related to the website and content marketing on other websites. We created professional NAP business cards on reputable portals, with links leading to the optimized website.

In addition, we took over the management of the site so we could constantly analyze it, searching for GSC errors, toxic backlinks, and problems with its availability, which allowed us to react quickly in case of external activities targeting the site or possible site crash occurring.

Website SEO results

Now, the most interesting part, that is the results that we managed to achieve when optimizing the page. Since the start of cooperation, that is from January to October 2018, compared to the same period in the previous year, the number of unique sessions on the site increased by as much as 64.56%.

google analytics acquistion and behaviour

Results from Google Analytics, obtained for the site for the period from January to October 2018 compared to the previous year

The number of unique users also increased by 60.95%, which means that after the had introduced the changes, the website gained almost 10,000 readers more than the previous year. As many as 61.53% of them were new users.

Also, the bounce rate – a parameter that measures the entries to the website, which did not end with the transition to another part of the website – decreased. From 34.82% in the previous year to 28.03% in 2018. This means that more users who found the website were interested in the offer and decided to review its content also on individual subpages.

google analytics summary users

The number of users visiting the site in 2018 (blue) compared to 2017 (orange) – Google Analytics graph

Summary of our activities for the client

After careful analysis, we could determine all the reasons for the low visibility of the site in the search results and were able to plan activities that allowed a significant increase in the number of sessions on the site, the number of visitors to it and a reduction in the bounce rate. Thanks to the strategy based on strengthening the profile of links and optimizing the site in terms of its structure and content, we achieved satisfactory results, indicating a large increase in the visibility of the website in the search results.

Do you want your site to be visible to users on Google? We will carry out a professional audit for you and develop the best SEO strategy to help it get a high position in the search engine ranking.

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