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Content Marketing

What is content marketing?

content marketing is king

Content marketing is a type of marketing strategy that aims at gaining trust and building relationships with a group of recipients. Strictly speaking, it’s content on the website (not only in text form), which provides useful information for the readers and builds the image of a trusted company that not only wants to sell something to them but also share specialist knowledge and advise on issues of interest to them.

And the customers’ trust and their good opinion of the company are priceless.

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We specialize in professional content marketing, which is currently one of the foundations of creating a valuable website that is useful and trusted by the users and well-rated by search engines. We know how important user-friendly content is to Google – there is a reason why the SEO industry has a saying: content is king. And the king cannot be random.

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What do we offer?

Content marketing is not just about pieces of writing on the site - it's a whole range of modalities that you can use to reach your customers with the most appropriate image of your brand, and at the same time – in an effective way. Among our services you will find:

Running a blog

Decide on a starting a company blog that regularly enters valuable content related to your industry. Posts explaining the issues regarding the offer will bring the topic closer to the readers and encourage them to have a discussion, and, in their eyes, you will become an expert in your field.

Articles for the website

We will fill your website with attractive content that will not only attract customers' attention but will also encourage them to stay on the site longer.

Sponsored articles

Use high-quality thematic content referring to your brand. They will attract readers interested in specific information and direct their attention to your company.

Expert articles

Order specialist articles containing professional information on the selected topic. Expert articles will be a valuable source of knowledge for readers focused on a given topic, and your company will become an expert on the topic in readers’ eyes.

Handbooks for customers

We will meet the needs of your customers by creating valuable handbooks and guides for them, explaining the most common problems and issues related to your brand.

Product descriptions

We will create descriptions of your products attractive to the reader, containing the most important information about the products. Trust us - customers rarely buy goods they know nothing about!


Industry ebook, providing, for example, answers to the questions most frequently asked by your clients about the subject matter related to your brand, will certainly be appreciated by the target group.

E-mail marketing

Reach more users using e-mail marketing. Perfectly designed e-mails, full personalization, optimized sending options - these are just a few of dozens of steps to effective e-mail marketing.


Sometimes, to attract the attention of customers, you need something more than pieces of writing – adding attractive infographics will provide the most important information in a way that is easy and interesting for the user.

What is the price of content marketing?

The needs of each company are different and depend on such factors as the industry, the group of the recipients and personal preferences. For this reason, we approach our clients individually to create an offer that best suits their needs as well as the needs of the website. The price, therefore, depends on our arrangements with the client regarding the services provided.

Rules of good content marketing

Defining the target group

Before creating valuable content marketing, we first examine the industry in which the brand operates, in order to establish its target group as precisely as possible. The target group is very important to us - we direct our content to them and we must adapt it to the group’s requirements and needs. Do you have a bridal salon? Our recipients will be women aged 20-40 who will be happy to read about novelties in the world of wedding fashion and will eagerly click on the article on matching the cut of the dress to the figure. Are you the owner of a car workshop specializing in the regeneration of turbochargers? We’ll adapt articles to motorized customers who are looking for specific tips on broken cars and the repair costs.

Monitoring competition activities

We will not fail to check how your competition is doing - this will give us a full picture of what we should do to prepare content that could threaten the position of the largest competitors in your field.

Content useful for the reader

The users will pay attention to the article only if it is useful to them in some way – either it answers questions bothering the readers or provides the readers with valuable information or tips they can actually use in a given field. We create valuable content that readers are happy to return to, that they share with others on specialist forums, and that they recommend to their friends.

Consistent content on the site

We make sure that the content marketing we introduce is consistent with the brand image. We can also adapt the already existing content on the site to the new image of the company or its new target group.

Content marketing in the right places on the web

Content marketing is not just about the content on the website - it also involves placing valuable content in many other places on the web. After researching the industry and the target group, we know where to put our content to reach the largest number of potential customers of your company.

Keywords, or the impact of content marketing on optimization

The content should be useful to the reader - but that does not mean that it cannot also help with the search engine optimization. Thanks to providing the content with keywords, that we choose especially for your company, the position of your website in search engines will be much higher.

More than articles

The articles alone may not be enough - sometimes you have to work in a different way to meet the customers’ requirements and get them interested in the content. We make interesting infographics that provide information to network users in a graphic and attractive way.

Impact on the link building

Valuable articles also provide irreplaceable support for link building - readers interested in the subject are happy to share information with other network users, e.g. on specialist blogs or forums. And the natural links obtained in this way are very beneficial for the website, which, thanks to them, gets better ratings in search engines.

Content marketing and optimization - how to increase the visibility of the website with valuable content?

Content marketing can have a big impact on website optimization, especially if it follows the guidelines imposed by SEO experts. So it gives you a double benefit - not only does it attract users with useful and attractive content, but it also provides the website with greater visibility in the search engine thanks to influencing its position. Which features of the text have the greatest value for optimization?

Content with keywords

Appropriately selected keywords are the basis of activities related to optimization. Thanks to them, the website is assigned to specific phrases that Internet users enter into the search engines searching for specific products, services or information. Articles that contain the proper number of keywords help with connecting sites to web user searches.

Unique content

Content must be first and foremost original. Google very unfavorably treats duplicate content - it may even expose the site to the risk of a penalty, like removing the site from the search engine record. Googlebots can spot websites that copy content very quickly. The original content, however, is rated very highly and can be a great support for the search engine optimization.

Long articles

According to a study carried out by, users are much more likely to share content that comprehensively covers a given topic. Readers looking for specialized content in a given topic favorably treat extensive pieces of writing that answer all their questions. Articles should, therefore, be long enough if we want them to be shared more often.

Semantically related words

Google's algorithms are better able to assign a site to given keywords when there are many semantically related phrases in the content. Articles that use similar words are both search engine- and reader-friendly.

Become a trustworthy expert in the eyes of your customers - what should valuable content look like?

Content marketing is high-quality content - but what exactly does it mean and what are the determinants of high-value articles?

Extensive articles

Content for clients should be first and foremost extensive and address the topic on every level. Articles that contain a lot of interesting information and present an original angle on the topic will attract a greater number of readers who will be happy to share such an article also among themselves.

Transparent, visually attractive pieces of writing

It is hard to read long articles that are presented in the form of one solid block of words - there is little chance that the user will stay on the site to read such an article. Dividing the piece into paragraphs, highlighted headings, transparent article layout - all this makes the article pleasant to read, and the user can easily find interesting information in it.

Infographics, photos, charts, videos

It is worth placing interesting additions to the content - they will not only attract the reader's attention, but they will also complement the content. Infographics can provide the summary of all the most important information, which will make the impatient users stay on the site and read the content. This also applies to photos, charts and videos - they illustrate the knowledge that the author wants to convey in the article.

Valuable, unique content that the user will want to share

As mentioned above, the content that is rated the highest by both - network users and by Google - is unique and useful for the reader. This type of content will earn the interest of customers and will help build a positive brand image.

Content targeted at a selected target group

Articles must be directed to a specific target group, appropriately selected for a given brand and industry. This creates a connection between the company and its customers who want to be understood in terms of their needs and requirements.

Optimization of content for SEO

A valuable article is also one that provides better SEO results. Optimization is nothing but, first and foremost, filling the content with the right number of carefully selected keywords, or introducing the matadata.

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