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How did we increase the number of website visitors by over 150% thanks to SEO?


One of our clients is a well-known cosmetics distributor. Although the website already had a history in Google search results, no effective SEO activities were carried out on it. As a result, the visibility of the site for network users was low, which translated into an unsatisfactory number of page views. Below, we will show what our cooperation with the brand looked like, what strategy we took in the website SEO and what results we managed to achieve.

The beginnings of cooperation

As we mentioned at the beginning, the site already existed on the web for some time, but it was not properly prepared in terms of SEO. So we started traditionally with an audit, to discover as soon as possible the strengths of the website and its weaknesses preventing it from obtaining high positions in search results. The analysis showed a weak link profile – the Achilles’ heel of many websites. Search engines attach great importance to the quality of backlinks that lead to the website – they are the basis on which the website is valued and considered trustworthy. Many low-quality links can, therefore, contribute to the low position of the page, and even result in imposing penalties by the search engine. Our specialists reported toxic links through the Google Disavow tool and handled their deletion manually.

To improve the profile of links, it is not enough to just delete the low-quality links – it’s also worth working on getting strong backlinks that will give the website the value and trust of reputable sites. And so we did: we used dedicated, thematic high-quality private blog network and valuable content marketing on other websites, where links leading to the optimized website were posted. We also created NAP business cards in the best company catalogs and we started buzz marketing on thematic internet forums.

Website optimization

Then we started the on-site activities aimed at adapting the website in terms of its structure and content to the requirements of the search engine. Our specialists created a sitemap and a robots.txt file to adapt the site to search engine bots. They also performed the following tasks:

– matched the meta-tags to the keywords set in accordance with the client’s proposal and the visibility of the site,

– corrected wrong URLs and set redirects to new versions of subpages,

– removed unnecessary directories from the path,

– supplemented the alternative texts for the graphics on the page,

– optimized the loading speed of the site,

– improved internal linking,

– optimized hx heading tags on the site.

In addition, we took up the extension and rewriting of the content on the website, enriching it with keywords to which the site was to be optimized.

Other SEO activities on the site

We also undertook the expansion of the brand’s blog section to strengthen keywords through internal linking. The blog regularly featured thematic content marketing articles of high quality. In addition, we took care of the site to keep track of any errors on it, monitor its availability to users, and analyze the link profile in terms of low-quality backlinks.

The results we obtained thanks to effective SEO

After months of cooperation, we managed to achieve excellent results in website SEO, significantly increasing its visibility, which translated into a much higher number of unique visitors to the site. The success was accomplished in every field: the number of sessions and the average duration of sessions increased in comparison to the previous year. Our actions also resulted in a huge decrease in the bounce rate.

SEO traffic effects

The above chart from Google Analytics presents the summary of the number of users in the period from May to October 2018, when we started working with the brand,  compared to the same period a year earlier. You can see a huge difference caused by a significant improvement in the visibility of the page in Google search results.

Detailed data indicate the increase in the number of users in the selected period of 2017 and 2018 by as much as 152.91%, that is by almost 700 unique readers of the website.

The number of new people who visited the site at the time increased by as much as 131.63%. That is more than 500 people more than before introducing our changes to the website and starting SEO activities.

The number of sessions increased significantly, by as much as 470.82%. This means almost 3000 sessions more than before cooperation. It is worth noting that a session is not an individual view, but the entry to the website, including also moving around it and performing actions on it.

Such a significant reduction of the bounce rate is a very big success – it dropped from 79.34% to 33.92%. Let us remind you that the bounce rate is an indicator that measures the percentage of visits to the site that have ended without the user’s going over to its subpages. The ratio at the level of almost 80% was very unfavorable for the site because it meant that the vast majority of people who visited it, closed it without going deeper into the information posted on it.

The largest increase concerned the average duration of a single session – users spent up to 1100.22% more time on the site than before the changes we introduced. The average score of 11 minutes to less than 1 minute allows us to draw the conclusion that the site not only gained a lot more visibility but primarily began to engage users for a longer period of time, drawing their attention with useful content, corresponding to their search query. Such a high jump in the average duration of the session may also mean that people who are most interested in the subject of cosmetics distribution have started to visit the website thanks to the selection of relevant keywords.


Effective website SEO

If you want your website to have such a large increase in visibility in the search results and in users’ interest, entrust us with its optimization – we will conduct a professional audit and plan a strategy tailored to your site to help it gain a high position in the search engine ranking.

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