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Website SEO Price list

What does the price of SEO depend on?

SEO price list

The price of website SEO depends on several important factors, including the competitiveness of the industry and phrases, as well as on the quality of the website. The valuation is therefore always prepared by us individually for each party. When creating the optimal offer for each of our clients, we take into account:

• pneeds – we carry out activities that will help us achieve the desired effect,

• capability – we include budget suggestions,

• website potential – we check the quality of the website, which has a significant impact on SEO.

Website SEO is a complicated process. Therefore, many factors contribute to success – the more appropriate actions implemented, the better the effects. We know from many years of experience that comprehensive activities bring the best results, therefore:

we implement activities to promote the entire website, not just individual phrases, and optimize an unlimited number of keywords. We optimize locally, nationally and globally.

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Thanks to this, we have a real influence on increasing:

• the number of phrases in TOP 3 and TOP 10,
• sales, the number of inquiries and conversions,
• traffic on the website.

In order to make a fair valuation, we always ask our clients about:

• the goal of optimization (becoming the leader in the industry, promoting specific products/services, etc.)
• competitiveness of the industry (what does the competition in the industry look like on the Internet, who is the biggest competitor or is it a niche)
• the scope of the client’s offer (whether the offer is narrow or wide, whether the client offers products or services, what is the target group)
• the type of marketing strategy carried out so far (whether there was one, and if so, what was it and what was the effect),
• the status of the website (when it was created, whether it was ever modified, what is its history),
• the budget (whether the budget is limited or can it be increased).

Paying for SEO:

• you increase your visibility in the Internet search engine,
• you gain new customers and take over new markets,
• you can count on comprehensive consulting in the field of SEO and internet marketing.
• you receive thoroughly prepared analyzes and audits,
• you benefit from the unique knowledge of specialists,
• you have the opportunity to consult and develop strategies with the best professionals in the industry,
• you have a guarantee of full control over the process,
• you can count on professional website optimization and content marketing activities.

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