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Search Engine Optimization

Why is it worth optimizing your website?

For a simple reason – to gain a high position in Google’s search results and, at the same time, to be visible on the web.

Thanks to this your company’s website will be noticed by many customers, you will become an expert in your industry and you will be able to significantly increase sales of products and services.

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Performing SEO activities on your website will make it optimized in terms of the requirements of the search engine and the needs of users. It will be attractive and interesting to a potential client.

For optimization to be effective, it is necessary to use the knowledge, experience, and appropriate tools, without which it would be impossible to get high positions on Google. By choosing our services, you gain visibility on the web!

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Effective search engine optimization

To get high positions on Google, you need to take care of many issues - site optimization, content provision, link building, and even social media. These are just a few of dozens of steps to effective optimization. Such extensive activities should be carried out by a team of experts offering effective website optimization - only then your company will be able to gain visibility and popularity on the Internet.

Who is optimization for?

Small, medium and large companies, including online stores, blogs, and many others, so in practice - for everyone! Website optimization will give you the expected results regardless of what industry you are in, how big your competition is, what your business priorities are and who you want to reach. It is a universal strategy that can be adapted to any needs and used regardless of external factors.

What is SEO?

What does SEO consist of?

The basic SEO activities are website optimization and link building, so, on the one hand - internal activities and, on the other - external activities. Thanks to them, it is possible to adapt the website to Google's requirements and the needs of Internet users, as well as to build its popularity and authority on the Internet. Properly carried out SEO process includes a series of smaller and larger activities, thanks to which the site can reach top positions on Google.

What is optimization?

Optimization of the website in terms of SEO consists of adapting it to the requirements of the search engine. On the one hand, optimization helps to gain value in the virtual eyes of Googlebots, and on the other - to encourage users, including potential customers, to visit and stay on the website. The scope of optimization works includes creating meta tags, internal linking, provision of content on the site, taking care of its mobile version and all the other technical aspects, such as loading speed.

What is link building?

These are external actions taking place outside of the optimized website, aimed at creating or obtaining high-quality links that lead to your website. These activities are very much desired by Google and have a huge impact on building the trust and authority of the site, which translates into a higher position of the website in the search results. To build a link profile you can use social media, blogs, high-quality catalogs and more.

What are the results of effective optimization?

Increased visibility

Your website is alive and can be noticed by users, and thus also by potential customers.

Higher position for key phrases

Your website, as a result of optimization, takes up higher and higher positions on Google and is shown to users after they enter certain phrases in the search window.

More traffic on the site

Higher visibility and higher positions mean that more people enter the site, which also has a positive effect on the SEO process.

Increased conversion

Larger traffic also means that more people order your products or click on the contact form.

Increased sales

More conversions lead towards increased sales, and therefore allow you to achieve the goal - success on the Internet!

Why should you let us optimize your website?

How do we work?

Optimization is a process consisting of many stages in which we perform specific activities. We operate in accordance with Google's guidelines and plans developed over the years, but we can also think creatively, especially when it is necessary to solve the problem.
At every stage of the optimization process, a team of experts, including analysts, SEO technicians, programmers, and copywriters, takes care of the position of your website. They build the visibility of the website on the Internet, providing comprehensive and professional activities at every stage of cooperation. We optimize, adapting to the individual needs and goals of each client.

How do we prepare an optimization strategy?

Based on the analysis of the competition, keywords and business goals of our client. We use not only knowledge and experience, but also specialized tools that allow us to choose the best keywords, optimize the website and plan link building. Each strategy is prepared individually for a given website, and we devote a lot of time to each client so that the results achieved by every website on Google are one hundred percent satisfying.

How do we analyze the client's competition?

We comprehensively analyze the solutions that our client’s competition use, we check which keywords are chosen for the optimization of their websites and what their websites look like - both in technical and substantive terms. Comprehensive analysis of competition is necessary to determine the right optimization strategy and to choose solutions that will allow for effective competition with even the largest brands in the industry.

How do we analyze the domain and client’s website?

Before optimizing activities start, we look closely at the domain, we analyze it in technical and substantive terms, thanks to which we are able to indicate its strengths and weaknesses. Thanks to the extensive knowledge and specialist tools, we are able to refine each element so that the site meets all Google's requirements and is user-friendly. The client receives comprehensive activities that result in reaching top positions!

Search Engine Optimization step by step

Where to start optimization? The basics you need to know!

Website optimization strategy must be well thought out because it is a very complex process. To make it easier for you, we have decided to explain everything you should know!

Basic definitions of SEO

Google algorithms

Special Google programs, evaluating the content and quality of websites. Optimization is conducted mainly from their angle because Google's algorithms have a fundamental influence on the position of the website in the search results.

Site indexing

Placing a website in the Google database. Only websites that are indexed are taken into account when positions are being established in the search results. Googlebots are responsible for indexing.


Links on websites, leading to other sites. Links may be internal or external, and their quantity and quality have a huge impact on the position of the site on Google.


What you find on websites – articles, as well as photos, graphics, videos or documents. Content's quality has a huge impact on how the website is perceived by Google.


Activities aimed at adapting the website to Google's requirements. The SEO expert must take care of many elements during the optimization process - metadata, internal links, content, code, website performance and much more.


An algorithm that once had a huge impact on the position of a website in Google search results. Today its significance is marginal, and others, more advanced algorithms have a much bigger impact on website rankings.

Knowledge about search engines

Google is a powerful machine that cannot be fully understood simply by reading books or guides. In this case, experience and practice in website optimization and link building are necessary. This is the only way to learn about the operation of algorithms and to pay attention to what is most important in the optimization process.

As a website owner, you must know that Google will not always tell you what to do and what to avoid in the website optimization process. The operation of algorithms is rather mysterious and only long-term observation and experience can give the true insight into the matter.

What does Google say about the website optimization?

To Google, the most important thing is the quality of websites and matching them to the user's needs. Google strives to better recognize the intentions of the person using the search engine, and you as the owner of the site, must meet these needs as best as you can. Without this, you will not be appreciated by Google.

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How does the search engine work?

Google has a gigantic database that contains websites and the information necessary to create lists with search results. These are created on the basis of the quality of the sites and the keywords that are placed there - thanks to the latter the user gets the results that match the phrases entered in the Google window (queries). The instant display of search results requires using many indicators and algorithms.

Google constantly strives to ensure that search results respond to users' queries as closely as possible. Hence, continuous work on improving algorithms and thus ... the necessity to broaden knowledge by SEO experts.

What does Google Search Engine Results (SERP) look like?

The search results correspond to the phrase entered in the Google window.

They usually contain links to websites, but often also show photos, videos and various types of data and information, thanks to which the Internet users can faster obtain required information that is more adequate to their needs. The variety of content presented by Google is designed to vary the results and adapt them to users with different needs.

An increasingly important role in the search results is played by the so-called featuredsnippets.

These are short answers to queries entered by the users into the browser - thanks to them, the Internet users do not have to enter links to websites, because he will receive the information he wants directly on the search results screen. Featuredsnippets are not just short definitions, but also longer guides.

How do people see Google search results?

The search results screen, or the popular SERP (Search Engine ResultsPage), consists of many elements. In addition to the list of optimized sites (so-called organic results), this screen also includes paid Google search results (links to sites marked with the green "Ad" shortcut). Depending on the phrase entered in the search window, your answer in organic results may be a map with location, graphics or a photo, short definitions, or even information about flights or... current time.

The huge diversity of SERP gives you - as the owner of the company - great possibilities in the field of website optimization. Thanks to the appropriate actions performed by experts, you can appear on a search results screen in a variety of forms, which will encourage users to click on a link to your website.

The search engines market around the world

Have you ever wondered why all SEO companies only offer promotion on Google? This is not accidental. Google is by far the most powerful, practically unbeatable search engine - anywhere in the world. Therefore, optimizing for search engines such as Baidu, Bing or Yahoo is less valuable than for Google.

The situation is slightly different in Russia - Google and ... Russian search engine Yandex are equally popular there. In China, however - the Baidu search engine is even more popular than Google!

SEM advantages

There are two basic ways to get visibility (broadly understood) on Google - by using the means of website optimization and by running sponsored link campaigns (PPC). By combining SEO and PPC, we conduct comprehensive SEM activities.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) allows for extensive activities aimed at displaying the website in both organic (free) and non-limit (paid) search results. It is a strategy that can give you an edge over your competition and help you reach more potential customers.

The SEM strategy brings yet another great advantage. Website optimization takes time, while built positions and developed visibility of the website is maintained for a long time (if systematic activities are carried out). Sponsored links campaigns are the ideal support in the initial optimization phase, where the site is not yet displayed on top of search results. This allows you to reach potential customers while carrying out the optimization process at the same time.

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Determining the ranking by Google

The website’s ranking has a great impact on its position in the search results. It is synonymous with the quality, popularity, and functionality of the website, and is determined on the basis of as many as 200 factors! The optimization process is, therefore, a constant struggle for the site to meet Google's requirements, obtain appearance and performance good enough to be appreciated by Google, so that it can reach the top in the search results.

The basis for obtaining high positions is choosing the right keywords. They must be tailored to potential user queries on Google and at the same time match your business goals. The keywords you choose determine the phrases to which your site will be displayed on Google.

The choice of keywords is one of the most important stages of optimization - the expert takes into account the company's goals and needs, competition and many other factors.

If you entrust this process to experts, you’ll not only have the support - you will also be sure that the expert analyzes the keywords thanks to the appropriate, designed tools and that he presents you with the results and analysis.

How many phrases should you choose for optimization?

The opinions are divided - some say a minimum of 5 phrases, others - 10. Practice shows that there are no fixed rules that guarantee excellent results in every case. The selection of key phrases should be a well-thought-out process and it should be adapted to the company's strategy, its competition and the goals the company wants to achieve. The number and type of phrases is an individual matter for each optimized website.

Should you choose single words or longer phrases?

Optimization for single words is more and more difficult because their competitiveness is very high, which is why it is recommended to choose longer key phrases. There are many ways to create phrases - regionalization, concretization, and generalization will ensure the expected results. How long should be the selected phrases? Again, there is no unambiguous answer. It’s different for each optimized website.

So-called long tail phrases, which means phrases that consist of many words, are becoming more and more important. To find the best ones, it is advised to use special tools.

Phrases with errors, singular or plural?

Until recently, using key phrases without special characters from the alphabet assigned to a specific language, was quite popular, even with errors. That’s how Internet users entered their queries in Google. Nowadays, it’s different.
This is mainly due to the fact that Google recognizes words more and more and is able to recognize, for example, spelling errors, and also suggest proper results for the correct keyword. As for the singular or plural - it all depends on the specific keyword. The final solution will be suggested by the SEO expert.

Where to get ideas for key phrases?

First of all - from Google's suggestions, as well as numerous internet tools that suggest keywords searched by Internet users. The most important and commonly used tools of this type include Keyword Planner from Google, Ahrefs, and many more. The optimizer of your website knows exactly where and how to search, and he also has the advantage of experience and knowledge of specific industries. With such skills, it's easier to find phrases that are best for the website optimization.

Domain with the keyword?

From the information provided by Google, it can be deduced that the domain name will be less and less important in the search engine's perception of the site, so it's much better to focus on the appropriate placement of keywords within the site, not in its name. Of course, it's worth choosing the right name so that it will be remembered and allow for effective promotion of the brand!

On-site and off-site optimization

Website optimization is a wide range of activities, among which we can distinguish on-site and off-site activities. On-site optimization applies to all activities that take place on your website. This applies to the optimization of the site in terms of meta tags, keywords, content, internal linking, responsiveness, etc.

Off-site activities are in turn all activities related to link building. It applies to searching for links of proper quantity and quality - using social media, blogs, etc.

Website optimization

In order for the website to be adapted to the requirements of the search engine, it is necessary to pay attention to its many elements. It’s important to take care of both technical issues related to the site itself, as well as its content.
By choosing our agency to perform SEO activities on your website, you can be sure that an experienced team of experts - analysts, SEO technicians, programmers, and copywriters – is responsible for optimizing your site. You will also have a dedicated person who will take care of your project, oversee the entire process and stay in touch with you.

META tags

META tags are extremely important elements of websites, included in the website’s source code. They are designed to inform Googlebots about the content of the site, and in some cases - also to limit access to it.
Some META tags are also visible to users and may encourage them to visit the site. Therefore, they have a significant impact not only on optimization but also on the building of the proper website image.

Tag title, Meta Tag description, Metatag keywords

The title tag is the title of a website that has a strong influence on optimization and should be provided at the very beginning of the optimization process. Meta Tag description is a short description of the website that appears in the search results - under the link to the site.
All META markers mentioned above are extremely important - both in the process of optimization and in building the image of the site, which is why you should pay special attention to them.

Content Marketing (KING)

The content on the site is more and more important with every passing year - for both, optimization and building the image of the site. Each website owner must take care of the content, that is, articles, photos, and graphics placed on the site, to, on the one hand, outrun the competition on Google, and on the other, to meet the expectations of the users. Content marketing is one of our specialties - thanks to it, we significantly increase your chance of success on the Internet!

Alt attribute

ALT is an element that you can insert in the HTML code markers on the website. It specifies alternative text (alt text) that is to be rendered when the picture to which it is applied cannot be rendered. It is also useful for blind people because programs that read website content to them describe images using an alt attribute. Importantly, also search engine bots recognize pictures based on this description, so it should be well thought out.

Easy URLs with keywords

The URL is important - and not only for web users but also for the indexing bots of search engines. A short address, associated with the company's web is easy to remember for Internet users, and if it contains phrases for which the website is optimized, it also has a better chance of being fully indexed by search engines.


Good navigation on the website is an extremely important factor, that determines whether the site is user-friendly or not – it also increases the value of the website for the search engine. The sitemap is a collection of links to subpages (or categories, in the case of complex online stores) in one place, thanks to which the users can easily find the information that interests them. In addition, it’s also easier for the Googlebots to navigate through such a site, which translates into better site indexing.

Correct code

The fact that the site is correctly displayed in the browser does not mean that its code is correct - there may be errors, affecting its operation and loading time, as well as disturbing the proper indexing. Take advantage of the help of SEO experts who will check the correctness of the code on your website during the audit.

Internal linking

Internal linking means placing links to all related subpages on the website. It is useful both for site visitors – it makes it easier to navigate through the site, as well as for Googlebots, which, thanks to this, can efficiently index the site.

Domain Age

The domain age can be important for the optimization process - the older the site, the more likely it has an extensive link system, also from websites that have been longer in the network, with the high Domain Authority score. If the domain was optimized at the beginning of its existence, with years it can become a valuable place on the web.

Site speed (performance)

If the loading speed of the website is too low, it will quickly discourage the user from browsing it. The site must be fast enough to compete with other websites these days. Do not let the customers leave your website right after entering the address – let us perform an audit of the site’s performance, and we'll find out if it works quickly enough and, if necessary, we’ll correct the errors.

Subpage duplicates

Googlebots find the uniqueness of a website's content very important - that is why the more valuable and original content, the larger range can your website reach on the web. Sometimes several subpages on one site have the same content, e.g. a copied "about the company" tab. Duplicated subpages are disadvantageous to the site, so it is important to take action to remove or change duplicate content.

Linking - the weapon of every optimizer

Link building, which means building a network of links leading to a given website, is equally important (if not more important) as the site optimization. It significantly affects the position of the website and its indexing by search engine bots. Acquiring many links is not enough – the links must also be of proper value so that they are not toxic and harmful to the website. They should come from verified places and also be obtained in accordance with the principles of the search engine.

What is a link and what does its value depend on?

A link leads the user to the website assigned to it. It is very important when optimizing a website in a search engine, because the more links leading to it from other, high-quality sites, the website has, the more valuable it becomes for the algorithm. The value of links is very important - only those from trusted sources, with high Domain Authority score, will ensure the website's success. A link coming from a spam site, filled with low-quality content that does nothing for users, can be qualified as worthless and it can be toxic to the site.

Inbound links

Inbound links are links that lead from another site to our website. Depending on their quality, they can greatly help the website achieve a better search result score or harm it by limiting its organic range. A person who wants to optimize a given site should constantly monitor inbound links and analyze them in terms of their value.

Outbound links

Outbound links are links that can be found on our website that lead to other sites. They include internal links - that lead to other subpages of our website, and external links - connected with completely different websites. The quantity and quality of outbound links that we place on our site are important for search engine bots - there should not be too many of them so that it is not recognized as a so-called link farm. They also should not lead to low-value sites because Google will associate our site with them.

Link building

Link building is an activity aimed at building a solid network of valuable links, leading to our website. There are many ways to obtain links. The most important thing is, however, not the quantity, but the quality - linking to a few highly rated websites will provide much better results than many links coming from low-quality sites.

Internet marketing + links: 2 in 1

Internet marketing is a fairly broad term referring to advertising on the web. It includes many activities aimed at promoting the brand on the Internet, like website optimization, Google AdWords ads, and Content Marketing. We combine internet marketing with link building, which allows us to achieve visible effects in building a strong website position in search engines. We are aware that visibility on Google is only one part of the success - that's why we will optimize your site, make it interesting and user-friendly, and plan the right marketing strategy to get more potential customers.

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Ways to obtain links

Obtaining inbound links is an extremely important activity when optimizing a website. Links with a high PageRank, derived from websites highly rated by search engines, can significantly contribute to the website visibility on Google. The process of obtaining links includes many activities related to cataloging, buzz marketing, sponsored articles or guest blogging. There are many useful tools that can help with getting links, but for effective link building to happen, experience in the SEO industry is crucial.
The most popular way of getting links is creating sponsored articles, which are posted on thematic websites. High-quality content, interesting and useful for the reader, can provide a lot of traffic on the website linked to it. The activities related to buzz marketing are also perfectly effective.

Monitoring the results of SEO activities

The owner of the website, who entrusts its optimization to experts, can monitor the results of SEO activities, to independently check the progress of the website visibility in the search engine. It can be done by reading reports provided by the experts, or by going deeper into the topic, checking the website's position for given keywords or tracking inbound links.

When to measure the results?

SEO activities are long-term and it usually takes time to find out what the results are. A month is not enough - building a solid site position is a time-consuming task, bringing benefits after a while. The optimal time after which we should check the effectiveness of SEO activities depends on many factors. First of all, it depends on the industry and the competitiveness of phrases. One thing is certain - SEO experts to whom you entrust your website optimization will be able to forecast the approximate time of the first real results, and when that time comes, you will be able to determine whether the chosen strategy has brought the expected results.

How to measure the results of SEO activities?

Monitoring the results of SEO activities can be based on checking reports, if we use a SEO agency's services, or on the independent analysis of how the website performs in the search engine. There are many tools to measure SEO activities, including professional programs, thanks to which we can check the optimization of our website for relevant keywords, website traffic, and conversion rate - three basic factors that best illustrate the results.

Position and traffic on the site

The position of your website in the search engine is of course very important – if there is a lot of competition, getting the top position can take a lot of time. It is worth monitoring the position growth and checking if the website is successively climbing up - if it does, it means that the SEO activities are appropriate and in time they will allow you to achieve the expected results.
Traffic on the site is an equally important factor - the more unique visitors to the website, the greater the chance of increasing the number of customers. It's a good idea to check the statistics on site entries, based on which we will investigate the popularity of the website in a given period of time. Of course, if the website has more traffic than it did last year, we can say that the SEO activities are effective.

Number of indexed subpages

Indexing the site in Google means saving it in the search engine's catalog, thanks to which it becomes visible to all users of the network - without indexing, the website is virtually invisible and cannot be optimized. Subpages should also be indexed so that users can find them not only from the home page but also from Google search. The number of indexed subpages can influence the website's position – subpages that are well-structured, filled with unique, linked content, will positively influence the search engine's rating of the website.

Number of inbound links

Inbound links are extremely important for the site's position - a well-built network of valuable links from trusted websites can greatly influence the search engine's rating. The number of links is not as important as their quality - it is much better to focus on obtaining a few links of high quality than many links from uncertain sources. Connecting our site with links to spam sites filled with worthless content is not a good idea and may affect our position on Google badly.

Competition analysis

Competition analysis can provide us with a lot of information and help us plan the right strategy to compete for a higher position in the search engine and more traffic on our site. There are many tools that allow us to monitor the activity of other companies - for example, we can analyze their inbound links and how they obtain them, find out which keywords a particular website is optimized for or analyze the traffic on a given website.


Conversion is an action performed by the customer that is expected of him after the start of an advertising campaign or SEO activities. For example, creating an account on our website, subscribing to a newsletter, clicking on an advertisement or buying a product. The conversion rate will show the owner of the website how many of all customers visiting his website perform activities that can affect the company's income.


PageRank is the scale by which Google evaluates websites in terms of their value. It depends mainly on links with which a given website is connected - the higher the value of links from trusted sources, the better PageRank score of the website. This parameter is no longer public due to many cases of abuse of webmasters who have sold their links at a price based on the value of this parameter.

Prohibited Black Hat SEO techniques

Not all SEO activities are allowed - some optimization techniques are not compliant with Google's policies. The prohibited techniques are called Black Hat SEO, and the detection of their use by the search engine may result in a penalty for the site, after which the site will cease to be visible to most users of the network. Prohibited techniques include link exchange systems, consisting in automatically adding inbound links in large numbers, or cloaking, that is, presenting the Googlebots with different content than the content that is visible for users of the site.

What are the penalties imposed by Google?

Google imposes two types of penalties on sites that are optimized against its principles: manual and automatic. Manual penalties, so-called filters, are imposed by Google employees and we are notified about it in the Google SearchConsole. The filter makes the site lose its position for selected keywords. This type of penalty can be removed if all toxic links connected with the site are removed.
There are also algorithmic penalties imposed by search engine bots - in this case, the user does not get the memo. A website may significantly lose its position, or even be removed from the Google index for some time. Penalties of this type may be imposed when a duplicate content or excessive thickening of keywords is detected.
However, there are ways to get rid of the penalties imposed by Google. Specialized SEO technicians are able to effectively plan activities aimed at removing a filter or penalties.

The most common mistakes made by optimizers

The most common mistakes in site optimization include the wrong selection of keywords and their number in the content on the website, duplicate content on subpages (most often as a result of oversight), poor site design, which cannot be properly indexed by search engine bots, or inappropriate methods of obtaining inbound links.

Do we only optimize websites?

Optimization is an activity mainly associated with websites of companies that want to be visible on the web. However, you can influence not only the search results of business websites but also online stores or even blogs.

Titbits of new, facts and myths about website optimization

The most common myths about SEO include those that claim that the position developed for a given site is constant - getting a high position on Google is unfortunately not the end of work, further activities associated with its maintenance also have to be conducted. Myths also include the belief that a large number of links is enough to optimize the site - the fact is that the quality of the backlinks is now more important than the quantity. Do you have any thoughts on this topic? Would you like to share your opinion with us? Write to us, we will gladly hear the opinions of others! Don’t be shy…

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section you will find Q&A, containing the most frequently asked SEO questions and clear answers that will help you complement your knowledge and get rid of optimization concerns.

How much does optimization cost?

With us, the price goes hand in hand with quality - you pay, and we provide you with the results you expect! Check the price list of our services or apply for an individual appraisal - at each stage of the cooperation, the costs are fixed and clear, and you always know how much the selected service will cost you.

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Is website optimization worth it?

Without SEO activities, your site will disappear in the search engine abyss, buried by the well-optimized sites of your competition. Nowadays, almost everyone uses SEO tools to promote their websites on the web. To be able to fight for a high position on Google - which will translate into a higher number of visits to the site and, consequently, a larger number of clients - you have to keep up with the competition. If you trust our company and contact us, it will be you that the competition will have to keep up with.

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