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Google Ads (AdWords) Price List

What is included in the cost of advertising on Google?

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The price of advertising services offered by Google depends on many factors. The costs should include the Pay Per Click budget and the campaign fee. Some customers also ask for additional preparation of graphic ads, which also generates certain costs.

Pay Per Click budget – its amount is determined by each client, matching his/her capabilities and needs.

Campaign fee – depends primarily on the scope of the campaign, so the fee is related to the Pay Per Click budget.

The prices of the sponsored links campaigns are flexible and tailored to the needs of our clients.

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The Pay Per Click budget consists of:

• the number and competitiveness of keywords,
• time and frequency of advertising,
• position in the search engine. In setting the Pay Per Click budget clients have a lot of freedom. Each of the above components can be changed at any time (which of course involves a reduction or increase in the budget). If you do not know how to set the budget, we will be happy to help you adjust it to your business and financial goals, as well as to the special character of your business (e.g. seasonality).

By going with a sponsored links campaign, our clients receive:

• professional campaign management,
• the care of an AdWords specialist,
• installation of appropriate tools on the website, e.g. Google Analytics,
• campaign monitoring,
• optimization of activities related to the campaign,
• detailed reports.

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