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8 places to get FREE links for your website / Link building SEO part 2


8 places to get FREE links for your website : Link building SEO part 2

In the first part of this article, we presented some ideas for acquiring free high-quality links for your website, including online catalogs, social bookmarking sites, and social media. In this part, you will learn other effective ways to build a strong link profile.

Internet forums and blogs

The internet community is invaluable when it comes to link building – and to prove it we present two more free sources of valuable links: internet forums and blogs.

Internet forums are places that bring together users interested in a given topic, which is why they are perfect for placing links to useful articles and products on them. Many Internet users are looking for solutions to their problems or answers to questions about a given industry, which is why it is highly probable that they will use the link provided in the topic they are interested in.

When using this method of obtaining links, there are a few important rules to remember:

1. The selected forum should be thematically linked to the company’s activity,

2. It is best to comment on a topic that was previously created by other users,

3. The comment in which the link is posted should answer questions and problems of users who wrote earlier in a given topic,

4. The entry should be natural, adapted to a given forum, so that it is not considered spam.

Nowadays bloggers constitute a strong opinion-forming community – readers trust them, often treat them as gurus in a given field, and more willingly use the products and services they recommend. Thematic blogs gather users interested in the given industry, who are valuable recipients – they can be potential clients or people who will pass information about the company further into the network.

Cooperation with bloggers can bring many benefits. The brand will gain a wider range of recipients – that is the readers of a given blog, sales may also increase after a positive opinion of a product or services, and the company’s image will improve. The cooperation can be taken at various levels – by sending a free product in exchange for writing an opinion about it, by proposing a permanent, paid cooperation or by offering discounts in return for recommending products. Of course, in the entries about your products or services, there should be links to the relevant subpages on your site.

You can also start your own industry blog – it is a desirable activity that allows you to create a thematic page, useful and interesting to readers involved in the field. It will be a great source of links especially if the content is valuable and useful. Thanks to this, you can gather your own group of readers who, after a few good entries, recognize the author as a specialist in the industry – this will increase customer confidence and improve the brand image.

To make your blog more popular, gain new readers, and at the same time get more free links, you can offer other bloggers guest blogging, that is invite them to post an entry on your blog and suggest you do the same on his or hers. Mutual guest blogging is used by bloggers a lot because both sides gain a lot from such cooperation. Writing a  valuable article on a blog that has a large group of readers interested in the subject, you can gain new observers – and at the same time a link from a highly-rated website.

  Benefits of guest blogging:   •          you will gain a larger group of readers •          trust in your brand will increase •          you will get a valuable source of links to your site  

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ – a section with the most frequently asked questions from customers and answers given to them, can be a great source of links. By creating such a list of questions and answers, you can create a valuable guide, which many users will certainly use. Appropriate construction of the answer will also allow you to place links to relevant subpages related to the given topic.

FAQ can be posted on external sites, such as Quora – just open an account on this platform to answer other users’ questions or create your own threads. Responses will be visible to the community of this platform, that is thousands of users interested in various fields.

external sites, such as Quora

There are many topics on that you can get involved in.

Multimedia presentations

Creating a multimedia presentation can be a good way to get links for your website for free – all you need to do is to create a material that will be useful for Internet users – for example, a specialist guide. The more valuable and unique content on the subject of the company’s activity, the greater the chance that it will be viewed by network users who can become customers of the brand.

Multimedia presentations are also a way to place a link to your website – for example, thanks to the service. It is a platform that allows users to upload their presentations, as well as browse, tag and evaluate materials shared by the community. Presentations can also be downloaded by users and made available on their websites, which is another way to get valuable backlinks.

Multimedia presentations are also a way to place a link to your website allows you to share presentations in various categories, thanks to which users can easily find interesting materials.

Links from business partners

When looking for sources of free links for your website, it is worth remembering about your business partners – they also have their own websites, which in addition can be thematically related to your company. You can offer to place links to your partner’s page on your website, for example in “news” or “cooperation” tab and ask your partner to do the same for you.


You can use many ways to obtain completely free links from valuable sources on the web, without violating the rules imposed by the search engine. Some of them are simple and do not take up a lot of time – like setting up a Google My Business business card or asking business partners to post a link on their website – others require more work, including creating valuable content that will attract users’ attention. You can delegate these tasks to SEO specialists who will obtain valuable links from trusted sources for you, as well as prepare high-quality content for your page.

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